Autonomous Systems provides products and services based on advanced autonomous vehicle technologies, dedicated to vehicle manufacturers and public transport operators.

Depot autonomy system

The autonomous depot system optimizes the necessary vehicle operating tasks within bus depots. Activities such as accessing the petrol station, passing through the car wash, entering the service hall, parking under the pantograph or parking precisely in the designated space are all done without the driver. The automatic scheduling of activities for each vehicle in the fleet, makes it possible to minimize the time from entering the depot to the parking destination.

The system operates in both open spaces and buildings. Using obstacle detection and emergency braking algorithms, the system performs tasks in a collision-free manner and allows other people and vehicles to move through the area.

All bus activities in the autonomous mode are recorded on the on-board computer with the possibility of replay and verification. This makes it possible to generate legible reports on the time taken to complete tasks and journeys made.

Vehicle autonomy system in closed areas




Rental of an autonomous research platform

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